Product List

  • Metal bond mounted wheels for machining of hard and brittle materials
    Metal bond mounted wheels for machining of hard and brittle materials 画像
    Diamond metal bond wheels with spindle are specially designed for machining hard and brittle materials.
    We offer the most suitable bond specifications for various materials in the grinding process of hard and brittle materials using a machining/gliding center.
    The metal bond wheel has high abrasive grain retention and high sharpness even when machining hard materials. It also has good thermal conductivity, which prevents heat buildup at the machining point and prevents thermal cracking of brittle materials. The tool life is longer than that of electrodeposition tools with a single diamond layer, and it is the best tool for machining ceramics, especially hard SiC and aluminum nitride.
    In the machining of quartz glass, the optimum bond selection ensures high grinding durability.
  • “DEX” diamond wheel for optical lens centering
    “DEX” diamond wheel for optical lens centering 画像
    This wheel is used for axis alignment (optical lens centering) of aspherical lenses or steppers used in high-grade cameras or endoscopes, which usually require high-precision grinding. When used, pre-conditioning grinding is not necessary and lens manufacturing with less damage on the lens edge starts from the beginning of processing work. The wheel can also suppress lens coloring, even when a steep rise shape is used.
  • Diamond mounted wheels for glass lens mold machining
    Diamond mounted wheels for glass lens mold machining 画像

    Diamond mounted V-face wheels are tools mainly used for aspherical surface machining of glass lens molds.
    For plastic lens molds, nickel is machined with an ultra-precise single-crystal diamond cutting tool, while ultra-fine binderless cemented carbide is used for glass lens molds. In addition, demand for SiC molds has been increasing recently.
    For the machining of such binderless cemented carbide and SiC lens molds, grinding with a diamond wheel with shaft is used because cutting with a single-crystal diamond cutting tool is unsuitable and inefficient.
    We have extensive experience with single-crystal diamond cutting tools for plastic lens molds, and also offer various specifications of diamond mounted wheels for glass lens mold machining.
    In addition to V-face shaft wheels, we also offer cylindrical small-diameter shaft wheels for diagonal grinding, free-form grinding, dressing, and sleeve mold machining.

  • Mono-crystal diamond ultrafine cutting tool
    Mono-crystal diamond ultrafine cutting tool 画像
    These mono-crystal diamond bites have fine cutting edges made of single-crystal diamonds, which have excellent wear resistance and can make the edges very sharp. By using single-crystal diamond microbites, a cutting edge controlled in micrometers (μm) is transferred to a workpiece, and a fine groove pattern can be formed with high precision and a continuous pitch.

    [Typical applications of mono-crystal diamond ultrafine cutting tool]

    Machining of optical films for FPDs and precision molds for optical elements Micro-pattern forming and planer machining Machining of diffraction gratings Other MEMS and bio-related micro-pattern machining
  • Diamond forming cutting tool
    Diamond forming cutting tool 画像
    This is a single-crystal diamond forming cutting tool manufactured using our forming and polishing technology. It realizes forming mirror machining for high-precision production of complex shapes consisting of plastics or soft metals.
  • Mono-crystal diamond cutting tools / MCD bites
    Mono-crystal diamond cutting tools / MCD bites 画像
    We have over 80 years of experience in manufacturing single-crystal diamond bites for cutting processes and have supplied tools for precision machining applications periodically.
    By grinding Mono Crystal Diamond (MCD), the hardest material on earth, to a sharp cutting edge, mirror-finish machining is possible in cutting that cannot be obtained with ordinary cemented carbide or PCD (polycrystalline diamond) bites.
    The extremely sharp cutting edge can be applied to soft and viscous gold and copper alloys that would be scuffed or crushed by ordinary cutting bites, and a good cutting surface can be obtained.
    When cutting acrylic resin, a transparent cutting surface can be obtained without the need for polishing.

    We custom-design the optimum specifications to meet your machining requirements and tool geometry. Various insert tip types are also available.
  • “Miracle” diamond cutting tools
    “Miracle” diamond cutting tools 画像
    These are single-crystal diamond cutting tools for producing smooth mirror surfaces. They are used for photoconductive drums (for cylinder), polygon mirrors (for end face), etc.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN cutting tools
    “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN cutting tools 画像
    These cutting tools are used for precision machining of mass production parts. The PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tool is used for machining ceramics, plastics, and non-ferrous metals while the PCBN (polycrystalline CBN) tool is used for high-hardness alloy tool steels and difficult-to-cut nickel alloys. These tools possess finer cutting
    surfaces than other cemented carbide / tungsten carbide tools and can last up to ten times longer.
  • Diamond cutting wheels
    Diamond cutting wheels 画像
    These wheels are used for cutting and grooving cemented carbide / tungsten carbide, cermet, ceramics, glass, ferrites, semiconductors, carbon, and other non-iron metal materials. They realize less bending and a higher quality cutting surface. A resin bond CBN wheel is provided for cutting neodymium magnets.
  • Diamond double core drills
    Diamond double core drills 画像
    These core drills are commonly used to simultaneously machine the inner and outer diameters of the glass or ceramic disks used for hard disk drives. Their usage contributes to the shortening of machining time.