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  • Supplier recruitment

    Tokyo Diamond Tools MFG. Co.,LTD strives to create value to its customers by ensuring world class performance in Quality, Delivery, Cost. We believe that this can only be achieved by sharing common goals, and by building a strong, good business relationship with our suppliers. Read our Purchasing Policy and see the goods, service, and innovation new process we are looking for and Apply now to be a our partner.

  • Tokyo Diamond Purchasing Policy

    1.Compliance with laws

    We comply with laws, regulations, social norms, and internal rules and regulations in all purchasing activities.

    2.Ensuring fairness and impartiality

    We make free, fair, and impartial judgments in deciding who to request for quote and who to contract with.


    We strive to deepen mutual understanding, build a relationship of trust with our business partners, and commit to maintain and improve established partnership.

    4.Global support

    We provide fair trade opportunities based on the principle of free competition, both domestically and internationally.

    5.Harmony with the environment

    We strive to conserve the environment by procuring parts and services that have less impact on the environment.

  • Supplier Registration and Assessment

    We ask new supplier to conduct a self-assessment using our "New Supplier Survey" to confirm that they meet our standards.
    To conduct its business activities, Tokyo Diamond is required to administer its social responsibilities as an element to constitute a supply chain with its business partners. Therefore we would like to solicit its business partners to observe the followings :

    1.Compliance with laws and social norms

    Compliance with laws and regulations related to manufacturing and sales; compliance with laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health, and maintenance of the working environment; prohibition of child labor and forced labor, and discrimination based on race, gender, etc.; respect for human rights, character, and the individual; prohibition of bribery and corrupt practices, non-procurement, and non-use of conflict minerals; severing relations with antisocial forces.

    2.Promotion of sound business management

    Perform sound, fair, and sustainable business management.

    3.Environmental considerations

    Compliance with environmental laws and regulations Have a system for non-use of banned substances, and carry out proper management of chemical substances that need to be controlled.

    4.Appropriate quality and cost control, and stable supply

    Satisfy the quality, price, and service that we require, and have the ability to provide a stable supply.

    5.Maintaining confidential information

    Strictly manage and maintain the confidentiality of information obtained through transactions with Tokyo Diamond.

  • We are waiting on your proposal in following material, process and more.

    1.Alliance partner

    Partner with a view to forming alliances in materials, processes, cutting, etc.

    2.Proposal of new materials and innovative construction methods

    New initiatives, including joint development of new materials and proposals for new machining methods (cutting, rolling)

    3.Raw stone/abrasive grain/sintered body

    Natural/artificial diamond, diamond powder, CBN, CVD, PCD, etc.

    4.Metal powder

    Rare metal powders such as nickel and tungsten

    5.Resin powder

    Phenolic resin, polyimide resin, epoxy resin

    6.Carbide, aluminum, iron, SUS materials, etc.

    Carbide, aluminum, iron, SUS materials, etc.

    7.Packing material

    Corrugated materials, product boxes (plastic cases, paper), cushioning materials, etc.


    Organic/Inorganic acids, Alkaline chemicals, Organic solvents, Surface-active agents, Chemicals for plating, Reagents, etc.


    Ultra-precision processing machines, machining centers (3-axis/5-axis), NC multi-tasking lathes, general-purpose lathes, laser machining machines, milling machines, CNC automatic lathes, polishing machines, etc.

    10.Other consumables

    Office supplies, wire, copper tungsten, cutting tools, processing oil, inspection supplies, jigs, etc.

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