Product List

  • PCD small-diameter drill / Polycrystalline diamond small-diameter drill
    PCD small-diameter drill / Polycrystalline diamond small-diameter drill 画像
    This is a small-diameter drill using PCD/polycrystalline diamond for the cutting edge, and is suitable for continuous hole drilling in silicon. The spiral grooves provide good chip evacuation and reduce the frequency of step machining.
  • Diamond core drill
    Diamond core drill 画像
    Diamond core drills were originally designed for drilling and coring of hard and brittle materials, but their use is now expanding to include the shape machining of hard materials such as ceramics on machining and gliding centers.
    The coolant is supplied with a center-through structure, which allows chips to escape easily and reduces damage to the tool and workpiece caused by the chips, thus enabling highly efficient machining.
    This tool is ideal for spot facing by helical grinding in narrow widths where chips tend to accumulate.
    We offer the most suitable shape for high-efficiency drilling of ceramics.
    The strong bond bridge structure ensures long life and stable cutting performance.
  • Diamond / CBN mounted wheels
    Diamond / CBN mounted wheels 画像
    These wheels are used for the internal grinding of precision parts and precision machining of glass, ceramics, carbon, ferrite, and precious stones. We provide wheels with the most suitable bond and specifications for the work material and application.

    Metal bonds are ideal for machining hard and brittle materials. It is especially suitable for machining fine ceramics such as silicon carbide (SiC), aluminum nitride (AlN), silicon nitride (SiN), and quartz glass.

    The electrodeposition bond has good sharpness and versatility, and can be used not only for hard and brittle materials but also for carbon, ferrite, MMC materials, FRP, and cemented carbide.

    Resin bond is used for the purpose of reducing damage such as chipping of the workpiece and for finishing processes that require surface roughness.

    It is also possible to manufacture wheels with spindles with an outer diameter of φ100 or larger by joining a straight wheel or cup wheel to the spindle. Please consult with us for such products.
  • Diamond MONO drill
    Diamond MONO drill 画像
    This single-crystal diamond drill is used for drilling 1 mm or smaller holes in hard brittle materials such as silicone and ceramics. Compared to PCD drills and coating drills it causes less damage to the interior wall of the drilled holes and can significantly reduce hairline cracks and surface roughness, which are usually problems when working with hard brittle materials, thus, providing stable cutting performance.
  • Diamond double core drills
    Diamond double core drills 画像
    These core drills are commonly used to simultaneously machine the inner and outer diameters of the glass or ceramic disks used for hard disk drives. Their usage contributes to the shortening of machining time.
  • Small diameter diamond mounted wheels
    Small diameter diamond mounted wheels 画像
    These wheels can be used to drill clean holes or expand existing holes in hard brittle materials such as cover glasses with a strengthened layer. For thin glasses, machining efficiency can be improved by simultaneously drilling a number of glass plates arranged in a stack.
  • Diamond dry bits
    Diamond dry bits 画像
    These diamond dry drill bits are suitable for drilling work in situations where coolant (cooling water) cannot be used. They are used frequently for reforming existing buildings. Mole bits are also available for drilling reinforced concrete.