Product List

  • “Arcceed” mono-crystal diamond cutting tool
    “Arcceed” mono-crystal diamond cutting tool 画像
    This is a mono-crystal diamond radius cutting tool with a cutting edge waviness of 50 nm or less. It realizes high-precision machining, thus reducing mold production processing requirements. Due to its fine rake and clearance surface, it can elicit better performance of a 3-axis machining device and improve the copying performance of molds. It also realizes high-precision machining by a 2-axis machining device.

    [Typical applications of highly contoured mono-crystal diamond cutting tools]

    Camera lens molds for smartphones, PC and tablets, pickup lens molds, ultra-precision machining, infrared lenses, various spherical and aspherical lenses.
  • “Arcceed” mono-crystal diamond end mill
    “Arcceed” mono-crystal diamond end mill 画像
    This high quality mono-crystal diamond ball end mill can be used at speeds up to 100,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). It has a fine cutting edge and a low axis deviation. W.A.90 products will be available.
  • Diamond forming cutting tool
    Diamond forming cutting tool 画像
    This is a single-crystal diamond forming cutting tool manufactured using our forming and polishing technology. It realizes forming mirror machining for high-precision production of complex shapes consisting of plastics or soft metals.
  • “Miracle” diamond cutting tools
    “Miracle” diamond cutting tools 画像
    These are single-crystal diamond cutting tools for producing smooth mirror surfaces. They are used for photoconductive drums (for cylinder), polygon mirrors (for end face), etc.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN cutting tools
    “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN cutting tools 画像
    These cutting tools are used for precision machining of mass production parts. The PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tool is used for machining ceramics, plastics, and non-ferrous metals while the PCBN (polycrystalline CBN) tool is used for high-hardness alloy tool steels and difficult-to-cut nickel alloys. These tools possess finer cutting
    surfaces than other cemented carbide / tungsten carbide tools and can last up to ten times longer.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD end mills/reamers
    “Hi-PAX” PCD end mills/reamers 画像
    These tools are widely used for the precision machining of plastics, aluminum alloys, carbon materials, and ceramics. They can also be used as wood router bits. The tools produce fine finished surfaces that cemented carbide / tungsten carbide tools cannot match, offer high abrasion resistance, and can last up to ten times longer than cemented / tungsten carbide tools.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN inserts
    “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN inserts 画像
    These inserts can be attached to cutting tools much like cemented carbide / tungsten carbide inserts. However, compared to carbide inserts, these inserts produce finer finished surfaces and can last up to ten times longer. They can also be made in various shapes and the most appropriate chip material for target work materials can be available.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD chip saws
    “Hi-PAX” PCD chip saws 画像
    These chip saws are edged with PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and can produce finer surfaces than cemented carbide / tungsten carbide tools while lasting ten times as long. They are effective for cutting and grooving of architecture materials, wood, aluminum alloys, glass fiber composite materials, rubbers, and plastics.
  • Diamond MONO drill
    Diamond MONO drill 画像
    This single-crystal diamond drill is used for drilling 1 mm or smaller holes in hard brittle materials such as silicone and ceramics. Compared to PCD drills and coating drills it causes less damage to the interior wall of the drilled holes and can significantly reduce hairline cracks and surface roughness, which are usually problems when working with hard brittle materials, thus, providing stable cutting performance.