“Metalist” CBN Metal Bond Wheel for Iron Material

By using the metal bond having significantly higher heat conduction than a vitrified bond, the influence of heat on the working surface is minimized.
■ The product not only maintains cutting performance and realizes long tool life, but also suppresses burning of work materials.
■ Since it can suppress heat stress on work materials more than conventional abrasive wheels, reduction of the fatigue-resistant strength of the work can be suppressed.
■ Little damage on abrasive grains and appropriate spontaneous blade generation can realize long dress intervals and reduce down time.

[applied materials]
- HSS (High-Speed Steel)
- Hardened Steel (carbon steel, die steel)

“Metalist” CBN Metal Bond Wheel for Iron Material img
  • Comparison of life index

  • Processing condition

    • Machine              : Centerless grinding machine
      Grinding method : Through-feed grinding
    • Work material      : SCM carbon steel (JIS) hardnes (HRC47)
    • Work size            : (φ6-3.5L)-2.8d-38L
      Wheel size          : φ300-42T(3X)

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