Product List

  • “DEX” diamond wheel for high-efficiency milling of difficult-to-cut materials
    “DEX” diamond wheel for high-efficiency milling of difficult-to-cut materials 画像
    This wheel enables deep milling of difficult-to-cut composite fiber materials such as brake linings, architectural ceramic materials, secondary products of cement, carbon, FRP, and thermoset resins. The amount of ground material removed per unit time is relatively large, which realizes highly efficient grinding. By controlling the contact area between the material being ground and the wheel, this design reduces grinding noise, suppresses additional electric current in the main spindle, and contributes to energy saving.
  • “DTFC”” Mounted Wheel/Cutting Wheel for Cutting/Grinding CFRP “
    “DTFC”” Mounted Wheel/Cutting Wheel for Cutting/Grinding CFRP “ 画像
    ■Significantly suppresses burr and peel ply (delamination) and realizes high-quality and high-precision machining.
    ■Reduces mass production cost by removing manual finishing process, realizing long product life, and reusing by re-electroplate.
    ■Reduction of manual finishing process can suppress precision variation and is effective for finishing junctions which require high precision.
  • Diamond cutting wheels
    Diamond cutting wheels 画像
    These wheels are used for cutting and grooving cemented carbide / tungsten carbide, cermet, ceramics, glass, ferrites, semiconductors, carbon, and other non-iron metal materials. They realize less bending and a higher quality cutting surface. A resin bond CBN wheel is provided for cutting neodymium magnets.
  • Diamond blade for package board cutting
    Diamond blade for package board cutting 画像
    Precision blade for cutting package boards.
    We offer a rim saw type blade with a metal base (base metal) and an all-blade type.
    Metal bond blade with good sharpness and cutting quality.
    Stable sharpness without deterioration due to copper adhesion prevents cracking and chipping of package boards.

    Depending on the blade thickness and particle size, the V-face shape of the cutting edge has the effect of suppressing the occurrence of initial chipping of the board.
    We can also offer a dress board for dressing blades and propose the most appropriate dress board for the blade specifications.
    It is widely used for machining of not only package boards, but also laminated ceramics, magnetic materials, and optical glasses.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD chip saws
    “Hi-PAX” PCD chip saws 画像
    These chip saws are edged with PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and can produce finer surfaces than cemented carbide / tungsten carbide tools while lasting ten times as long. They are effective for cutting and grooving of architecture materials, wood, aluminum alloys, glass fiber composite materials, rubbers, and plastics.
  • Diamond dry bits
    Diamond dry bits 画像
    These diamond dry drill bits are suitable for drilling work in situations where coolant (cooling water) cannot be used. They are used frequently for reforming existing buildings. Mole bits are also available for drilling reinforced concrete.