Diamond notch wheel for semiconductor wafers

This wheel is used for chamfering and finishing the notch of semiconductor wafers. The runout accuracy of the diamond layer to the shank is excellent due to our original processing technology. In addition to silicon wafers, we also provide wheels with various specifications for compound semiconductor wafers such as SiC (silicon carbide) and LT (lithium tantalate), which are becoming larger nowadays, and for quartz wafers.

[Applicable materials]
Silicon, SiC (silicon carbide), LT (lithium tantalate), LN (lithium niobate), Quartz, and Sapphire
Diamond notch wheel for semiconductor wafers img

Diamond notch wheel groove image


[ Reference wheel size and specifications ]

■Grain size : #400 - #3000
*It is possible to manufacture wheels usable for both roughing and finishing.
Outer diameter : Up to φ4 ( Groove bottom diameter Min φ2 )
■Shank diameter tolerance : h6
■Total length : Up to 35L
■Deflection accuracy : ≥  5 um @Min
■Groove angle tolerance: Tolerance ≥ 0.5 degrees (one side angle)
■Number of grooves : Up to 5 grooves


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