Mounted wheel for Quartz/Ceramic

Mounted wheel

Our special designed metal/resin bonding diamond wheels have been used for the world major manufacturers who takes the process of quartz/ceramics processing for semiconductor and other industries. Long life & less chipping.

Hybrid bonding wheel

Hybrid bonding wheel

Our hybrid bonding wheel, called "Metarex" will provide you great quality and a competitive price.

Other applications

Our diamond tools have been used at manufacturing processes in various industries.

Here followings are the part of it.

Diamond wheels for Si, SiC and GaN

For Si, SiC and GaN wafer

Our special designed metal & vitrified bonding diamond wheels have been used for the world major wafer manufacturers who takes the process of edge grinding, notch grinding and surface/back grinding.

Diamond cutting tools

For Contact lens, Intraocular lens(IOL)

Our cutting tools have been used for the world major manufacturers which produce Intraocular Lens(IOL), Contact lens and Lens for cell phone (Direct processing/mold processing)

About Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg

Diamond wheels for quartz and ceramics

We Manufacture Precise Diamond Tools

Tokyo Diamond Tools Manufacturing has been in business for more than 90 years. We are a tool maker for semiconductor, electronic device, medical, automobile, and construction industries.

You may not yet know us, but we have significant experience and a deep core competency in precision cutting and grinding tool fabrication. We deliver world class quality and are proud of our continuous improvement-oriented company culture.

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