“Gran DEX” Electroplated Wheel for Hard Brittle Material

“Gran DEX” Electroplated Wheel for Hard Brittle Material

Product summary

■ Abrasive grain intervals are widened by controlling the abrasive grain density in the electroplating. This can reduce grinding resistance during rough grinding of hard, brittle materials such as glass or ceramics, and realize high-level cutting performance even in deep grinding.
■ Life of the wheel is extended significantly with tipping and surface roughness maintained at the same level as in conventional electroplated wheels.
■ Clogging can be reduced by widening the abrasive grain interval.

Details of a product

<Processing condition> 平板端面研削
ワーク: アルミナシリケート未強化ガラス 0.5T
砥石寸法: φ160D-20T-0.55t-φ32H
砥石周速度: 1560m/min
ワーク送り速度: 7.5m/min
取り代(切込み): ①20μm/pass ②30μm/pass
クーラント: 水溶性ケミカルソリューション

Component Material of the Tools・Bond



Glass、Ceramics、GaN SiC、Sapphire wafers、Magnetic materials、Carcide、Architecture materials、Alumium alloy、Aluminum cast、Polycrystalline silicon、Rubber・Polish pad、Acrylic、Composite material(CFRP)、Steel(Carbon steel・Die steel)

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