Providing a new value

Aiming to create a new value that impresses customers, Tokyo Diamond provides customized solutions that meet customer’s requests based on the high reliability that the company has developed.
To make products that meet the various needs of customers, the company develops a complete production control system from design to product manufacturing and provides high-quality high-value products.

Our 3strong points

Our products are incredibly high precision as a result of the ability to work on the nano-level. Tokyo Diamond is engaged in industry-academic projects in close tie-ups with colleges and research institutes for the purpose of enhancing technical capacities. Tokyo Diamond also has an Intelligent Information Research Center and a Technology Research Center, working for the development of advanced technologies. Further R&D is undertaken in the areas of “Higher Efficiency,” “Higher Accuracy,” “Longer Life,” and “Miniaturization.”



For continuous supply of products with superior quality, the capability to propose solutions meeting the requirements of the customers is indispensable, in addition to making efforts for higher technical and development capacity. Tokyo Diamond always cooperates with the customer to overcome high-level challenges, such as the working of new materials. Our target is to offer a solution that exceeds expectations. Technologies and knowledge are shared in the whole company while centering on product experts. Tokyo Diamond can provide rapid suggestions from our abundant past records for any customer inquiry.


For built to order production, our efforts to observe the delivery time and to achieve zero defects through optimum design and minute schedule control has gained the confidence of customers. Achieving stable quality requires thorough and stringent quality control. For example, we have designed and manufactured numerous jigs necessary for products while introducing advanced equipment and automatic machinery. In addition to these efforts to ensure stable quality, we are taking on the challenge of developing various contrivances and workouts, such as the design system and strengthening of the quality assurance system; all for creation of high value-added products surpassing customer expectations.