History of Business


We introduce our business activities as follows.

Since 1980

Feb/1980 Diamond thin core drill
Mar/1980 Diamond thin and long core drill
May/1982 Mirror finishing bite for hard disc media Japan first
May/1984 MX resin bond diamond wheel
Jan/1986 Dry type diamond blade with thermal spraying
May/1986 Diamond bite with thermal spraying
Feb/1988 MF50 metal bond diamond wheel
Nov/1988 IChamfering formed bite for hard disc media
Jan/1989 Diamond painting sheet
Apr/1989 Process for compound grinding wheel Patent pending
Apr/1989 Truing device for regulating wheel A New design for practical use
Apr/1989 Diamond wheel in thermal spraying
Jun/1989 PCD bite with thermal spraying in low temparature
Jul/1989 Process of the production of the wheel Patent pending
Feb/1990 "Cross pellet"
Apr/1990 Compound-oval formed diamond bite Japan first
Apr/1990 PCD knife fo rcutting medical capsule
Jun/1990 Coreless Drill A newdesign for practical use
Aug/1990 Damond educting plating layer Patent pending
Sep/1990 "Diamond-with-membrane" tool Patented
Oct/1990 DEX Ace wheel (Electro plating) Patented
Jan/1991 I Formed centerless wheel (D=570, L=510)
Apr/1991 Vibration absorbing diamond bite
May/1991 "T-REX B" (resin bond wheel ) for ultra high precision grinding Patented
Jul/1991 Diamond barrel media
Jul/1991 Center drill for tungsten carbide A new design for practical use
Jul/1991 Diamond drill for tungsten carbide A new design for practical use
Feb/1992 BK resin diamond wheel for ceramics
May/1992 MB resin diamond wheel for heavy griding/td>

Oct/1992 Cross pellet type wheel
Dec/1993 "Diamond knife"
Dec/1993 "PCD octagonal bite" for optical fiber ferrule
Jul/1994 I"Dry Cutting Diamond Bite" Patent pending
Jan/1995 "Notch wheel" for silicon wafer chamfering
Nov/1995 Production process for resin bond wheel Patented
Jan/1996 Elastic Diamond Lapping Tool Patented
May/1996 "Double-Disc" grinder Patented
Oct/1996 "Metalex" wheel
Oct/1997 "BW41" resin bond wheel for tool griding
Apr/1998 DEX wheel for blake-lining (Super abrasive grinding wheel) A new design for practical use
Sep/1998 CMP" DEX Dresser A new design for practical use
Nov/1999 DEX wheel for blake-lining (Super abrasive grinding wheel) A new design for practical use
Nov/1999 High effective wheel for magnetic material (Super abrasive grinding wheel) Patented
Dec/1999 "MONO Drill" (Boring Tool) A new design for practical use
Feb/2000 "BL" Series Resin bond diamond wheel for mirror finish
Mar/2001 Cluster Diamond compound products and its process of production Patented
Mar/2001 Hydrogen absorber and hydrogen deposit system Patent Pending
Mar/2001 Chemo-mechanical griding wheel (Composition Grinding Wheel) Patented
May/2001 Metal bond chamfering wheel for LCD panel was made by cooperation with 『IBM Japan』 『Nakamura Tome, N-Tech』『Daito Electronics』 Patented
Oct/2002 『G-Square Wheel』 was developed
Oct/2002 『B130』 resin bond diamond wheel was for tool grinding
Nov/2003 Dry bonding material to the next future, 『NW-1』 for elecrical tool and engine cutter for the use of hard material
Sep/2008 Settig a new Laboratory
Mar/2009 Stylus Indenter
May/2010 Super precision cutting tool Arcceed
Aug/2010 Cemented carbide flute grinding wheels CITIUS
Nov/2010 Grande Ligne wheel for mirror finish
Apr/2016 "Gran DEX" electroplated wheel controlled abrasive grain density
Apr/2016 "Metalist" CBN metal bond wheel for iron material
Apr/2016 "MFX" metal bond wheel for beveling of sapphire wafer


Before 1980

Jul/1932 Beginning various kind of diamond tool
Feb/1933 ロDiamond indentor for Rockwell hardness tester Japan first
Mar/1935 Diamond indentor for Vickers hardness tester Japan first
Mar/1937 Diamond resin wheel Patented
Nov/1939 Perfect lapping for cutting edge of R of diamond bite Japan first
Jan/1945 Compound diamond dresser Japan first
Jun/1950 Diamond metal bond
Jul/1951 Convex Radius bite Japan first
Feb/1952 Diamond bite for Fresnel lens Japan first
Feb/1952 Curve generator wheel for optical lens Japan first
Apr/1952 Electro-plating (DEX) wheel
May/1952 Diamond indentor for high temparature hardness tester Japan first
Jun/1953 Diamond multiple dresser
Sep/1954 Diamond saw Japan first
Dec/1956 Vitrified diamond wheel
Mar/1957 Lapping system for special diamond A new design for practical use
Jul/1958 Special lapping system for diamond conical stone Japan first
Nov/1958 PHT diamond indentor Japan first
May/1959 Big-diameter double-disc diamond wheel Japan first
Aug/1964 Diamond paste Patented
Jul/1965 Diamond zigzag bite Japanese first
Oct/1965 Diamond Reamer Japan first
Sep/1966 Diamond Rotary Dresser
Nov/1966 Thread griding diamond wheel which was selected as a permanent dispray item by General Electric Patented
Dec/1966 Line-shaped diamond wheel Japan first
Jan/1967 Diamond bite for mirror finish in end face turning Patented
Jan/1967 Diamond bite for mirror finish in cyridrical turning Japan first
Jul/1969 Vitrified bond diamond wheel Patented
May/1970 Elastic diamond wheel for metal grinding Japan first
Oct/1970 Diamond pellet
Feb/1972 Diamond segmented cutter for electrical tool Japan first
Mar/1973 Feather cutter (metal bond thin cutter) Ptented
Mar/1973 CBN wheel
Mar/1973 Abnormal converse R diamond bite Japan first
Jul/1976 Dry segmented cutter for electrical tool
Oct/1977 PCD (polycrystaline diamond) endmill
Aug/1978 PCD (polycrystaline diamond) milling cutter