History of Company


7th/Jul/1932 Mr. Yoshimitsu Hamada (first M.D., the departed) set up the company at 50, Tairamachi, Meguro-ward, Tokyo-city
1st/jun/1933 Setting a Tokyo sales office at 1-5 Tamachi, Shiba-ward, Tokyo-city
1st/Sep/1934 Setting a new factory and moved to 97 Nakanecho, Meguro-ward, Tokyo-city
1st/Nov/1940 Changed corporation to "Co., Ltd."
Settig a main office to 1-5 Shibatamachi, Minato-ward, Tokyo
1st/Apr/1941 Appointed a naval arsenal
1st/Feb/1942 Appointed an army arsenal
1st/Apr/1942 Moved main office to 164 Tairamachi, Meguro-ward, Tokyo
1st/Sep/1944 Appointed a munitious factory
1st/Dec/1944 Appoint factory to Sec. 2 of Labor Control Act
1st/Mar/1952 Approved to afactory for hardness tester under Measuring Act
1st/May/1953 Opened Osaka sales office (Yodogawa-ward, Osaka)
1st/Dec/1953 Opened Nagoya sales office (Naka-ward, Nagoya-city, Aichi-pref.)
1st/Jan/1960 Set up 2nd Tokyo factory (Nakane, Meguro-ward, Tokyo)
1st/Apr/1960 Opened Okaya factory (Kohan, Okaya-city, Nagano)
1st/Aug/1963 Built a new main office at present address (2-3-5 nakane,Meguro-ward, Tokyo) 外観写真
1st/Jan/1972 Opened Sendai factory (Murata, Shibata, Miyagi-pref.) 外観写真
1st/Aug/1973 Opened Sendai sales office
1st/Jan/1975 Opened Kyushu sales office (Minami-ward, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka-pref.)
1st/Sep/1977 Enlarged Sendai factory (called 2nd ridge now)
1st/Feb/1978 Paticipated "1978 Tokyo Invention Exhibition" (sponsored by Tokyo branch of corporation of Invention Assoc.) Awarded "Nara Invention Award" for 『Diamond Miracle Bite』 to make a mirror surface 写真
1st/Mar/1978 Opened Tochigi sales office (Oyama-city, Tochigi-pref.)
1st/nov/1985 Enlarged Sendai factory (called 3rd ridge now)


1st/Mar/1987 First managing director, Mr. Yoshimitsu Hamada passed away
Mr. Takashi Hamada took part in M.D.
1st/Feb/1990 Enlarged Sendai factory (called 5th ridge now)
1st/Mar/1992 Opened Gunma sales office (Takasaki-city, Gunma-pref.)
1st/Apr/1993 Opened Shizuoka sales office (Fuji-city, Shizuoka-pref.)
1st/Jun/1995 Settig up 『Tokyo Diamond Industries (S) Pte. Ltd.』 in Singapore 外観写真
1st/Mar/1999 Opened Hiroshima sales office (Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima-pref.)
2000 Enlarged Sendai factory (called 6th ridge now)
1st/Sep/2001 Setting "Sendai Hinosaki factory" (Murata, Shibata, Miyagi-pref.) 外観写真
1st/Jan/2004 Setting 『Daito Tokyo Diamond Wheel Co., Ltd.』 joint ventured with Daito Electron Co., Ltd. at Taipei City, Taiwan to make and repair diamond grinding wheels with its capital of NTD18,000,000.
1st/Nov/2006 Opened Nagano new factory moved from Okaya (Imai,Okaya-shi, Nagano-ken) 外観写真
1st/Dec/2006 Opened Nagano sales office moved from Suwa sales office (Imai, Okaya-shi, Nagano-ken)
Sep/2008 Setting up a new labolatory
Oct/2008 Settig up 『Tokyo Diamond (Thailand)ltd.』 in Thailand
Jan/2010 Setting up a CR center
Apr/2010 Settig up 『T.D.M.(Thailand)Co.,LTD.』 in Thailand 外観写真
Jun/2018 Managing Director Mr. Takashi Hamada resigned.
Mr. Yoshiyuki Hamada, Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Yosuke Hamada, President, assumed their posts.