Product List

  • Diamond indenters for hardness testers
    Diamond indenters for hardness testers 画像
    Diamond indenters, which are manufactured using high precision polishing technology, are essential for hardness tests. In addition to indenters for the usual Rockwell C scale testers, we also produce indenters for use in the Rockwell superficial, Vickers, and Knoop hardness testing methods, which are used when testing materials with high hardness levels. Berkovich indenters, diamond indenters for scratching tests, and sapphire indenters with high heat-resistance are also available.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD precision measurment terminals
    “Hi-PAX” PCD precision measurment terminals 画像
    This photo shows a high precision measurement terminal fabricated using PCD (polycrystalline diamond) parts. Such parts are highly wear resistant, have extended service lives, and offer higher reliability than cemented carbide / tungsten carbide material parts.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD centers
    “Hi-PAX” PCD centers 画像
    These products employ PCD (polycrystalline diamond), which is usually used to fabricate wear resistant parts for cylindrical grinding of ceramics and cemented carbide / tungsten carbide materials. Concave and convex centers of various sizes are available for various uses.