The Tohoku Pacific Earthquake (1)

2011/03/16 Notice

Stop operation at Sendai and Hinosaki factory until 21st March.


Regarding the situation of Sendai and Hinosaki factory.
We set up emergency response headquarters according to [BCP plan] and continue to implement necessary action.
We confirmed no collapse our facilities and tsunami damage.
Due to the impact of the earthquake such as shutdown of electric power supply and water supply after the occurrence of the earthquake, we will close operation until 21st March (Monday).
However, our factories themselves damage is insignificant.
We almost complete machine adjustment.
After recovered infrastructure, we are implementing safety inspection of each equipment before usual operation.


Regarding the situation of Tokyo factory
Tokyo factory opens as usual.


Regarding the situation of Nagano factor.
Nagano factory opens as usual.


We have almost confirmed safety of our employees and their families.
Due to reserve telephone line,we would appreciate that you call each sales offices for the detail.