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Corporate Name Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Trademark logo
Founding 20th November of 1940 (Officialy Registered) (Actually 7th/Jul/1932)
Capital JPY10 million
Employees 293 people (as of August/2020)
Directors and auditor
Chef Exective Officer
Member of Management Board
Exective Officer
Yoshiyuki Hamada
Yosuke Hamada
Takeshi Shimotori(Engineering&Production)
Keiichiro Ochiai(Sales)
Masanobu Ogawa
Hiroshi Fukuhara(Corporate Administration&Finance)
Koji Ueno
Head Office 2-3-5 Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (〒152-0031)Tel:+81-3-3723-8114 / Refer to Google Map
Business Activity Production, Sales, Repair of all kind of Diamond Tools and Sales of Equipment Production, Sales, Repair of all kind of CBN Tools and Sales of Equipment
Domestic Location Sales – Sendai, Tokyo, Nogoya, Osaka, Kyushu(Fukuoka) Factories – Tokyo, Nagano, Sendai, Sendai Hinosaki
Overseas Tokyo Diamond Industries (S) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Tokyo Diamond (Thailand) Ltd. T.D.M.(Thailand)Co.,LTD.

Message from President

We will contribute to society toward the creation of a dream-inspired future

Our company was founded in 1932 when Japan marked the beginning of its diamond tool industry. Since then, we have supported many manufacturing sites by leveraging the physical properties of diamond to our technologies and produced useful merchandise that help people to live a good life.

The products and service that we have delivered to the world, including semiconductors, electronic devices, information communication devices, automobiles, healthcare, and construction, are consistently being used at the forefront of production activities in variable industries of cutting-edge fields, winning high confidence from valuable customers.

The social environment has changed dramatically in the last half century with ongoing global warming, globalization of industrial structure, and advancement in the knowledge economy. Rapid sophistication of artificial intelligence began in the field of information communication technology, which is now beginning to spread deeply into our daily lives. Similar technological innovation will widely develop across every scene and environment in the coming years.

With the years of experience we have acquired working for various industries in dramatically changing societies and cultures, we have defined “continuing refinement of original discoveries and ideas to create new opportunities with a wide perspective” as our business policy . Taking this approach, we will commit and contribute to pioneering technological revolution in these turbulent times.

Yosuke Hamada