Product List

  • Metal bond mounted wheels for machining of hard and brittle materials
    Metal bond mounted wheels for machining of hard and brittle materials 画像
    Diamond metal bond wheels with spindle are specially designed for machining hard and brittle materials.
    We offer the most suitable bond specifications for various materials in the grinding process of hard and brittle materials using a machining/gliding center.
    The metal bond wheel has high abrasive grain retention and high sharpness even when machining hard materials. It also has good thermal conductivity, which prevents heat buildup at the machining point and prevents thermal cracking of brittle materials. The tool life is longer than that of electrodeposition tools with a single diamond layer, and it is the best tool for machining ceramics, especially hard SiC and aluminum nitride.
    In the machining of quartz glass, the optimum bond selection ensures high grinding durability.
  • “DEX” diamond wheels for forming difficult-to-cut materials
    “DEX” diamond wheels for forming difficult-to-cut materials 画像
    These wheels are designed for high shape precision forming of, for example, motor cores. Wheels of the most appropriate specifications are available for not only magnetic materials such as neodymium-iron, but also for ferrites, ceramics and glass.
  • “DTFC”” Mounted Wheel/Cutting Wheel for Cutting/Grinding CFRP “
    “DTFC”” Mounted Wheel/Cutting Wheel for Cutting/Grinding CFRP “ 画像
    ■Significantly suppresses burr and peel ply (delamination) and realizes high-quality and high-precision machining.
    ■Reduces mass production cost by removing manual finishing process, realizing long product life, and reusing by re-electroplate.
    ■Reduction of manual finishing process can suppress precision variation and is effective for finishing junctions which require high precision.
  • “Arcceed” mono-crystal diamond cutting tool
    “Arcceed” mono-crystal diamond cutting tool 画像
    This is a mono-crystal diamond radius cutting tool with a cutting edge waviness of 50 nm or less. It realizes high-precision machining, thus reducing mold production processing requirements. Due to its fine rake and clearance surface, it can elicit better performance of a 3-axis machining device and improve the copying performance of molds. It also realizes high-precision machining by a 2-axis machining device.

    [Main applications of highly contoured single-crystal diamond bites]

    Camera lens molds for smartphones, PC and tablets, pickup lens molds, ultra-precision machining, infrared lenses, various spherical and aspherical lenses.
  • Diamond cutting wheels
    Diamond cutting wheels 画像
    These wheels are used for cutting and grooving cemented carbide / tungsten carbide, cermet, ceramics, glass, ferrites, semiconductors, carbon, and other non-iron metal materials. They realize less bending and a higher quality cutting surface. A resin bond CBN wheel is provided for cutting neodymium magnets.
  • “Hi-PAX” PCD chip saws
    “Hi-PAX” PCD chip saws 画像
    These chip saws are edged with PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and can produce finer surfaces than cemented carbide / tungsten carbide tools while lasting ten times as long. They are effective for cutting and grooving of architecture materials, wood, aluminum alloys, glass fiber composite materials, rubbers, and plastics.