Product List

  • “DEX” diamond wheels for chamfering glass disks
    “DEX” diamond wheels for chamfering glass disks 画像

    These wheels are used to chamfer the inner diameter (ID) or outer diameter (OD) edge of glass disks. Due to the special electroplating used in this design, the roughness of chamfered surfaces are improved and chipping at the boundary area to the edge surface is minimized. Wheels using micron size abrasive grain are available.

  • “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN cutting tools
    “Hi-PAX” PCD/PCBN cutting tools 画像

    These cutting tools are used for precision machining of mass production parts. The PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tool is used for machining ceramics, plastics, and non-ferrous metals while the PCBN (polycrystalline CBN) tool is used for high-hardness alloy tool metals and difficult-to-cut nickel alloys. These tools possess finer cutting
    surfaces than other carbide tools and can last up to ten times longer.

  • Diamond cutting wheels
    Diamond cutting wheels 画像

    These wheels are used for cutting and grooving carbide alloys, cermet, ceramics, glass, ferrites, semiconductors, carbon, and other non-iron metal materials. They realize less bending and a higher quality cutting surface. A resin bond CBN wheel is provided for cutting magnetic materials.

  • Diamond double core drills
    Diamond double core drills 画像

    These core drills are commonly used to simultaneously machine the inner and outer diameters of the glass or ceramic disks used for hard disk drives. Their usage contributes to the shortening of machining time.

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