Product List

  • “Arcceed” diamond cutting tool
    “Arcceed” diamond cutting tool 画像

    This is a single-crystal diamond radius cutting tool with a cutting edge waviness of 50 nm or less. It realizes high-precision machining, thus reducing mold production processing requirements. Due to its fine rake and clearance surface, it can elicit better performance of a 3-axis machining device and improve the copying performance of molds. It also realizes high-precision machining by a 2-axis machining device.

  • “Arcceed” diamond end mill
    “Arcceed” diamond end mill 画像

    This high quality single-crystal diamond ball end mill can be used at speeds up to 100,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). It has a fine cutting edge and a low axis deviation. W.A.90 products will be available.

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