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Corporate Data

Corporate Name Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Trademark logo
Founding 20th November of 1940 (Officialy Registered) (Actually 7th/Jul/1932)
Capital JPY10 million
Employees 270 people (as of August/2017)
Managing Director TAKASHI HAMADA (MR)
Head Office 2-3-5 Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (〒152-0031)Tel:+81-3-3723-8114 / Refer to Google Map
Business Activity Production, Sales, Repair of all kind of Diamond Tools and Sales of Equipment Production, Sales, Repair of all kind of CBN Tools and Sales of Equipment
Domestic Location Sales – Sendai, Tokyo, Nogoya, Osaka, Kyushu(Fukuoka) Factories – Tokyo, Nagano, Sendai, Sendai Hinosaki
Overseas Tokyo Diamond Industries (S) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Tokyo Diamond (Thailand) Ltd. T.D.M.(Thailand)Co.,LTD.

Message from President

“ Toward creation of future full of visions by contributing to the society through supply of new values of diamond tools

Since founded in 1932, an age of birth of diamond tools, we have supported the field of creation while helping indirectly the production of products useful for affluent life of the people by providing the technology originating from superior nature of diamond. Our technologies supplying tools for cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling with higher preciseness, higher quality, and higher speed has always been at the top of the class. Thanks to the high reliability and warm support from customers, we have felt the time passes with successful achievements for about 80 years up to now.

Diamond tools we have provided to the market are always utilized in the production of the advanced area of the time. The range covered by our products are wide including PC, smartphon, LC TV, and other household electric products; solar panels; LED and semiconductor and electronic devices; high-level technologies; medical equipment; transport equipment; and civil construction equipment. The consumption of industrial diamond is said to be an index of the industrial level of a country. Out products have contributed greatly to enhancing the “creativity” level that Japan is proud of in the world.

The world has undergone rapid change during these fifty years, and the society around us is changing at a speed not experienced in the past. These changes are global warming, damage to natural environment, globalization of industries, socialization of information due to surprising development of ICT technology. In these situations, we, the entity exceeding the boundary of a company, will continue offering the total resolution, mainly, consulting, to propose the products and services to meet the demands of the customers. In the course of it, we will attempt matching the nature and society and flexibly responding to changes of environment.

With the aim set at developing the high ideal worthy of the superior material of diamond, we will strive for establishing the fulfilling and enriching society. Our efforts will be contribution to the safe natural circulation and thrusting toward creation of “future full of dreams.” Tokyo Diamond will never disappoint the expectations of customers in the future.

President Takashi Hamada